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Billfold Partnership for Food & Beverage Vendors

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our partnership with Billfold and will be using their POS system for all food & beverage vendors in addition to the Festival Merchandise booth and bars!

Festival attendees LOVE the ease of using their RFID wristbands to make purchases during the festival weekend.  The most common feedback we’ve received from our fans is wanting to use their RFID wristbands to make purchases from food & beverage vendors in addition to the bars and merchandise booth.

Billfold has been a trusted solution at Bluesapalooza since 2018.  We have seen a significant increase in sales for our bars and festival merchandise booth.

We want YOU to experience the same results!

How Does it Work?

Bluesapalooza partners with Billfold Contactless. Solutions to enable fast, easy, and secure wristband payments under a unified multi-vendor “ecosystem.” 

With Billfold, attendees create an open-credit card registration to an encrypted RFID wristbands then they’re “off to the races” – they can spend as much or as little as their bank card credit allows.

How Will it Benefit Me? Is My Revenue Safe?

Customers with registered wristbands tend to store their wallets for safety – by keeping all vendors under a standardized RFID payment system, all of our valued vendors are assured equal access to fast and easy sales.

As a trusted, registered Bluesapalooza vendor, you will have live access to your Vendor Sales & Item Sales reports via the Billfold Organizer dashboard.  This will make it easy to pull up reports from your mobile device or desktop both during and after the event.  You can then export reports to XLS, CSV, and PDF as needed.

Billfold has been a trusted solution at Bluesapalooza since 2018; however, if you are new to this system, please note that there will be Billfold staff onsite helping train all of our vendors on the simple checkout process.

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