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This Year’s Craft Beer Festival Forecast: Flavorful, with Bourbon and Sour Added to the Mix!

April 18th, 2017 | , HarvestMoon

Now in its 22nd year, it’s no secret that the Mammoth Festival of Beers is one of the best craft beer festivals in the West. When you have the opportunity to taste from an amazing array of 200+ craft beers over not one, but two days, while kickin’ your way through wood chips, and smelling that wonderful pine scent, it’s no wonder someone coined the name, “beervana.” It’s that idyllic. Mammoth Brewing Company deserves the credit for creating this state of perfect happiness. They bring it together in one big beer hug in Mammoth Lakes, California every August.

But for me, the best part about tasting from the multitude of craft brews being poured at Mammoth Festival of Beers is I invariably come away excited about a new favorite beer I never knew about. The festival’s mission is to give beer lovers, old and new, the opportunity to taste a large number of craft selections from some of the best known and even lesser known breweries in the West. No matter your level of knowledge, I guarantee you’ll leave knowing more than when you arrived.

Mammoth Brewing understands their beer-loving peeps’ penchant to keep their taste buds in tune, so they’re adding a Bourbon Barrel-Aged and Sour Beer Bar to this year’s festival. So, whether you like crisp and brisk, roasted or smoky, tart and funky, I think we can all agree that flavor will truly be favored at this year’s Mammoth Festival of Beers.