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Shoppin’ at altitude will do you just fine at this year’s Bluesapalooza!

June 28th, 2016 | , HarvestMoon

They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. Psychologists say shopping really does make you happier, and that there’s plenty of positive consequence to buying oneself a small (or large) treat. I get it! That’s why I’m always intrigued by what kind of retail adventure awaits me at Bluesapalooza. Where else can you mosey outdoors through the wood chips, inhale the fresh scent of pine, and browse unique boutique goods while chilling out to the best live music? It’s called shoppin’ outdoors at Sam’s Woodsite (aka 8,000 feet), and it’s the best! Over the years, I’ve purchased some of my most fabulous finery at Bluesapalooza. Who knew I’d find beautiful handmade beaded jewelry; a favorite go-to organic cotton dress; the most fun, custom-designed t-shirts; my summer daze hat; and tasteful wall art. And of course, retail therapy is not just for gals. Guys can be happy, too. I peruse, I purchase, and I feel grrrreat! And, I’m ready to do it all over again at this year’s event. Get happy, and check out this year’s spectacular vendors. Just don’t forget that wallet!