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Featured Brewery of the Week—Stone Church Brewing

May 8th, 2019 | ,

Black and white photo of Stone Church Brewing wooden sign.

Stone Church Brewing located in Corona (The Shops at Dos Lagos) and Old Town Temecula offers some of today’s most popular beer varieties. Both locations have gothic medieval feel, with stonework on the tap area and the walls, and cream-colored countertops that look like marble.

Stone Church Brewing prides itself on having beer for everybody, noting that the spectrum of beers runs from the “Sweet Baby Jesus American Lite Lager to a Marzen Oktoberfest, Saint Julius Hazy IPA w/lactose to the Omen Oatmeal Stout. Bill Steinkirchner, along with wife Melanie and business partner David Barone, opened the original location of Stone Church Brewing at The Shops at Dos Lagos in 2016. Steinkirchner retired from being an Army colonel in 2014 after traveling around the world over the last three decades “In those 30 years I’ve been able to hit well over 1,200 microbreweries international from South America to Europe,” he said. About a year before he retired from the military, Steinkirchner started brewing his own beer and got a nudge to start his own business from family and friends. He said he decided on the name Stone Church because that’s what his last name means in English when translated from German.

He said expanding to Temecula continues the brewery’s business model of trying to capture individuals who love craft beer, but who also want to be in an entertainment district. “And a lot of our patrons and clients who go to our Corona Dos Lagos location actually do go to Temecula on the weekends to visit the wineries so they normally would stop off in Corona,” he said. The Temecula location will have some differences from the Corona one; it will do 8-ounce half pours for guests and will also have two of its beers on nitrogen taps instead of normal carbonation. Nitrogenated beers tend to have a creamier, smoother mouthfeel than do beers on normal carbonation. Steinkirchner said that special attention has been paid to the glasses people drink from. The glasses are shipped in from Germany and Spain. He said the glasses have a different curvature than standard beer glasses. “We pride ourselves in ensuring that whoever is drinking the beer gets the best enjoyment possible so the glassware lends a lot to the aroma, to the feel and the experience of drinking a beer.”

Stone Church will be pouring Saturday, August 4th, 2019!
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