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Featured Brewery of the Week—Solvang Brewing Company

May 22nd, 2019 | ,

Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza featured brewery of the week, Solvang Brewing Company.

Solvang Brewing Company is a proudly-owned American-Danish Independent Craft Brewery that began its journey in October of 2010 with roots in Solvang dating back to 1911. Over the years, we have become conscious of who we are, what were about and why we chose this industry. We have brewed hard, sacrificed, visualized, appreciated, built alliances & friendships, realized and persevered; finding out who we are, what we want and why we do this, is how we forged our motto.

“Proudly Brewed, Proudly Consumed, Enjoy Yourself!”™
These six words express our pride, strength, presence, pleasure and appreciation of this craft. Proudly Brewed: Because it was essential to our companies existence not only in the market but within ourselves. Everyone wants to be proud of what they do, we can honestly say we are proud of what we do, how we have done it and the products we brew. Proudly Consumed: Because we listen and engage with our consumers, the delighted and the uncertain. We focus conscientiously and diligently on creating the most outstanding craft beers our consumers desire until we feel and they feel we have met or exceeded those expectations. Enjoy Yourself: Because at the end of the day that’s all we want for our consumers and ourselves, enjoyment. “Solvang Brewing Co.—we brew outstanding craft beers so you don’t have to!”

Certified Independent Brewery
Solvang Brewing Company is a proud “Independent Craft Brewery”. Our goal is to maintain integrity by what we brew and maintain our general independence, free from a substantial interest by a non-craft brewer.

Solvang Brewing Company will be pouring Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, 2019!
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