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Featured Brewery of the Week—Shanty Shack Brewing

June 26th, 2019 | ,

The interior of Shanty Shack Brewing, with green walls and many customers.

Co-Owners Brandon Padilla & Nathan Van Zandt first met while Brandon was working at 7 Bridges, the home brew supply store in Santa Cruz. Nathan would come in to purchase ingredients and he and Brandon would talk-shop, discussing different recipes. A few months later they recognized each other in a business class at Cabrillo College. By chance, they were both there because they both wanted to start a professional brewery. The two quickly became brew partners.

Nathan lived in a dilapidated shack on Chanticleer Avenue where they first began brewing and the name “Chanti Shack” came about to describe their brews. Meanwhile, Brandon lived in a rundown church on Pennsylvania Avenue which was coined “The Beer Church”. They threw parties with live music & burlesque dancers to showcase their beer. They catered weddings by pouring their unique creations for the guests. What started as a hobby swiftly grew into a business. They formed a CSB (Community Supported Brewery) and their neighbors and friends called them the “Milkman but for beer” as they delivered different flavors of beer to doorsteps on a bi-weekly basis.

After searching for a location for several years, fate occurred in May 2015 when they found a perfectly sized warehouse with two large roll-up doors on Fern St. in Santa Cruz’s Harvey West neighborhood. Shanty Shack Brewing officially opened for business in December 2016. You can now find a space full of vibrant art, local music, and a community of people happily enjoying Brandon and Nathan’s craft.

Shanty Shack will be pouring Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, 2019!
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