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Featured Brewery of the Week: Seismic Brewing—a passion for high quality craft beer.

July 18th, 2018 | , HarvestMoon

Seismic Brewing Company was started by friends who have a passion for high quality craft beer. We understand that being craft requires having a principled approach and vigilantly maintaining it. Our principles include being collegial in our industry, being proud ambassadors of our home in Santa Rosa, being fearless in experimentation and being devoted to quality from grain-to-glass. The principle of high quality is far from static. The standard for what constitutes great beer is always moving and shifting. We strive to meet this standard by realizing that each incremental step in our process is an opportunity for qualitative gains. Our practices and beers are always evolving, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve upon our process. Our culture is a kinetic culture where we are uncomfortable with the status quo unless we are moving towards a better future.

Our Mission:
To develop a portfolio of high-quality beers, brewed and brought to market in an environmentally sustainable manner. We will be a positive, creative force within the brewing community and our local community: giving more than we take and addressing the challenges of today to prepare the way for those who follow.


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