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The interior of Shanty Shack Brewing, with green walls and many customers.

Featured Brewery of the Week—Shanty Shack Brewing

June 26th, 2019

Co-Owners Brandon Padilla & Nathan Van Zandt first met while Brandon was working at 7 Bridges, the home br more...

Featured Brewery of the Week—Mammoth Brewing Company

July 31st, 2019 | ,

Mammoth Brewing Company at The Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza

Welcome to Altitude! You are now at 8,000′ above sea level, where the Sierra air is clear and fragrant, and the summer days & nights are cool & dry. The mountain streams are flowing late this year, born from a heavy snowpack this last winter, and the alpine wildflowers are everywhere. The through-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail have been visiting us for the past month as they make their way north, and the Mammoth Brewing Beer Garden has been the place to meet and trade Sierra summer stories with friends & families, passing the camping torch on to the next generation who will share this special place. This has been our way of life in Mammoth Lakes for long before Mammoth Brewing’s twenty-four-year history, and is the inspiration for the beers and experiences we create. 

Welcome to the 24 Annual Bluesaplooza and the Mammoth Festival of Beers! Mammoth Brewing is proud to host so many great breweries to our little mountain town, and be part of something bigger than ourselves: the pioneering community of independent craft brewers, who all drive off each other’s passion. 

This Bluesapalooza, MBC will be sampling these beers out of our tasting booth on both Saturday and Sunday: Two beers made especially for the festival, the Immortal Sour and Hazeaplooza IPA. Also, we’ll be sampling Epic IPA (our best seller), Cherry Sour (our regular summer seasonal sour) and a special cask of aged lager (tapped promptly at 3 pm on Saturday only). Stop by and visit us as you sample your way around Bluesapalooza this year.

Mammoth Brewing will be pouring Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, 2019!
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