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The interior of Shanty Shack Brewing, with green walls and many customers.

Featured Brewery of the Week—Shanty Shack Brewing

June 26th, 2019

Co-Owners Brandon Padilla & Nathan Van Zandt first met while Brandon was working at 7 Bridges, the home br more...

Featured Brewery of the Week—Helix Brewing Co

July 10th, 2019 | ,

Helix Brewing Company tasting room photo, featuring wood and stainless steel.

Helix Brewing Co began in La Mesa, CA with roots in homebrewing—we’re motivated by science, dedicated to adventure, and built by community. Helix beer is formulated in the mind—whether it be on a long swim in the ocean or on a trail run with the dog. Helix will always push beers to new levels just as we do with our own life adventures. Drink Helix beer with those you enjoy most and start an adventure of your own.

Sourworx™ began in the Fall of 2015 at Helix Brewing Co as a side project, exploring the wild side of oak barrel fermentation. The fascination of working with oak barrels & unconventional fermentation methods quickly flourished into a brewery packed floor to ceiling with sour beer. Repurposing oak barrels with a Cooper’s hammer & hoop driver gives another life to the barrel, showcasing its past characteristics in a new form. Each barrel has a unique story of its own as it continues to mature sour beer while we adventure through our own lives. Enjoy a glass of Sourworx™ as you reflect on your past & explore your future. Be spontaneous. Be funky. Be sour.

Helix Brewing Co will be pouring Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th, 2019!
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